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    Rickshaws: Art and Industry ​ Special thanks to for such rare access to this exhibition Tom Learmonth ​ 1987-8 Date: Touring exhibition in the UK. Venue: Rickshaw Exhibition Committee Presented by: Tom Learmonth Design and Production: Tom Learmonth and Shah Ahmed Sadeque (Mithu) Photography: Robert Gallagher and Dan Jones Text: War on Want, Christian Aid, Tollemache Trust, and Hilden Trust Funding: ​ Installation Shots © Tom Learmonth Tricycle for kids © Tom Learmonth © Tom Learmonth 1/19 Exhibits Rickshaw; manufactured in Bangladesh and reassembled by cyclists in London © Tom Learmonth Rickshaw; manufactured in Bangladesh and reassembled by cyclists in London © Tom Learmonth Rickshaw; manufactured in Bangladesh and reassembled by cyclists in London © Tom Learmonth 1/12 Gypsy Sardar (leader); Artist: Md. Gofur (probably) © Tom Learmonth Artist: Ahmed © Tom Learmonth Artist: Manik © Tom Learmonth 1/54 Painted seat cover; Artist: Ahmed; Year of creation: 1983 © Tom Learmonth Painted seat cover; Artist: Masud © Tom Learmonth Painted seat cover © Tom Learmonth 1/7 Decorative object for rickshaw © Tom Learmonth Part of the rickshaw hood © Tom Learmonth Decorative object for rickshaw © Tom Learmonth 1/20 Tools of rickshaw mechanics © Tom Learmonth Rickshaw registration plate © Tom Learmonth A pair of sandal worn by a unknown rickshaw puller © Tom Learmonth 1/5 Movie poster © Tom Learmonth Painted kula © Tom Learmonth Movie poster; Artwork by Shilpi; Year: 1984 © Tom Learmonth 1/5 Exhibition Texts and Study Pack Exhibition Plan and Proposal Exhibition Credit Warner, Rachel, Dan Jones, Barbara Joseph, Jayne Spittle, John Wallett, Tom Learmonth, and Shah Ahmed Sadeque. Rickshaws: Art & Industry . Basement Project/Young World Books, 1989. Go back

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    Contribute ​ How can we enrich this archive without your support? ​ If you want to contribute photos of rickshaw art to the archive, please use this . google form We invite short articles, essays, and reviews on rickshaw art of Bangladesh to be published as part of this archival project. Please to express your interest. contact us We accept donations in the form of photos purchased from commercial photo agencies and archives like , , etc. There are several photos of rickshaw art from 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s that we have been longing to include in this archive. Please for further information. Magnum Photos Getty Images contact us ​ If you have recently published any work on rickshaw art, please let us know using the option. We would be able to include that in our section. contact resources ​ Thank you in advance for your support! ​ ​

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