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An encounter with rickshaw art is impossible to avoid while roaming around the streets of Bangladesh. Purely intended for research and documentation, Rickshaw Art Archive reminisces this encounter and traverses the ever-changing milieus of Bangladesh.

Our goal is simple – to create a database of rickshaw art that will cater to the scholars and researchers studying the art and visual culture of Bangladesh. We are mostly interested in documenting what is out on the streets or made it physically on the sides of rickshaw vehicles so that the true essence of rickshaw art can be documented and further analyzed.

To understand what influences our archiving method, please read “10 Theses on the Archive” from Public Access Digital Media Archive (

We are deeply indebted to all the photographers and contributors for their contribution in building this archive.

Unless stated otherwise, this archive does not hold the copyright of any of the materials it shares. Please contact the respective artists and/or photo contributors if you want to use any materials.

We are actively seeking contributions to grow. Please visit the contribute section for further information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Project Team

Mohammad Zaki RezwanFounder, Developer, Coordinator, & Editor

Senior Lecturer, BRAC University, Bangladesh

Qazi Arka Rahman | Advisor 

PhD student, West Virginia University, USA

Faculty (on leave), Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Samirah Tabassum Research Associate

Lecturer, BRAC University, Bangladesh

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